Some early research on tooling for creating a Digital Garden. I’ve eventually settled on creating a Digital Garden with Hugo as described here .


  • Must have
    • Ingests a folder tree of markdown files. Alternatively, ingests a flat folder of markdown files with titles in Dendron format
    • Index/Toc pane to the left
    • ToC for note to the right
    • Backlinks at the bottom of the page
    • Search through note titles as well as contents
    • Support for images and other media in the notes
  • Nice to have
    • (Almost a must-have) Auto-numbering of headings and sub-headings
    • (Almost a must-have) A section for Recent updates/changes.. maybe on the landing page, if not in a sidebar?
    • Visualization of inter-note links
    • Callouts like “Info” “Warning etc.”
    • Commenting system
    • Light mode, dark mode, auto mode between light and dark
    • A “back to top” button that appears after a bit of scrolling down.


People who could help