• (Quote) I find the pattern of “How are you feeling about X, 0-10?” followed up by “What would get you to a 10?” very useful. Almost nobody ever says 10 and when they do, when you pressure test it, “So, everything is 100% perfect and you want it to stay the same forever?” it gets revised down appropriately. “What would get you to a 10” is as very constructive way to think about it as well. It’s not just complaining, it’s articulating what you’d like to change. Once teams get used to this, it comes part of the vernacular, “I’m only 6/10 on this idea”. The follow up is always, “What would get you to a 10”

  • (Quote) I found that if I just asked “do you have any feedback for me?” people often wouldn’t, but if I asked more granular questions—“was that meeting useful?”—I would usually learn a lot from it.

  • Getting feedback asap is important. Don’t dawdle. E.g. after a project or presentation, ask how it could have gone better.

  • There is value in asking for positive feedback. Don’t hesitate to ask your boss to review your performance on an obviously successful project. It can be an opportunity to build a stronger relationship. Also creates and keeps a positive impression in your boss’ mind that can only help you in future.

  • What are some of the things (1 thing, 3 things, N things) I could improve?

    • Can be tailored: What is one thing I could have done better in that meeting or presentation?
  • Avoid asking questions that have Yes/No answers. Asking questions that begin with “How” or “What” will elicit fuller responses. e.g. “How did that go from your perspective?” or “What do you think I might have done differently” ?

  • Press for examples when you get vague feedback.

  • Ask yourself, “Can you use the feedback you are getting to improve yourself?” Getting feedback like, “You have good soft-skills” does not help you improve.

  • How can I better support you in your work?

  • Have you noticed any gaps in my professionalism?

  • What do I do well now, and what can I improve on in the future?

  • Do you think I interact enough with my/your team members? With you?

A summary of feedback models

(Source: Some post that popped up in my LinkedIn feed)