To work with WebDav shares in Linux, there are two typical options

  1. Use Nautilus or Dolphin or similar file explorer GUI
  2. Via the command line

Some applications, like Cryptomator, seem to have issues creating vaults when the WebDav share is mounted using method 1. However, method 2 works well in these cases.

Via the command line

Install it first via

sudo apt install davfs2

There are ways to mount the WebDAV share by messing with /etc/fstab which is recommended for more permanent configurations. See the link in the Reference section below.

For temporary configurations, it is easiest to

sudo mount -t davfs -o uid=1000 https://path/to/share /path/to/mountpoint

Note the -o uid=1000 option. 1000 just happens to be the uid of my user. Replace it with your uid. If this option is not provided, the resulting mounted share in /path/to/mountpoint will be read-only for all users except root. Adding the -o uid=1000 option fixes this.

Now, cryptomator vaults can be created in /path/to/mountpoint .