This note lists the user experience features.


  • Editing and view-only modes activated through a simple toggle button, with a configurable default i.e. default editable or default view-only #mvp-must-have#
  • Editor should support “live preview” of typed Markdown similar to Typora or Marktext . This means that markdown should be rendered as it is typed. #mvp-must-have#


  • A user input field triggered by a specific keypress or UI interaction in which the user can type. Dropdowns/autocompletes may appear as the user types.

  • Can be used to search for content or notes, create new notes, execute commands local to the note or across all notes

  • For examples

    • See the Lookups in Dendron
    • Also, the command bar in VSCode (the thing that pops up after pressing Cmd+Shift+P)
    • The Omnibar in Notebag app

Interface Wireframes

  • Supporting side-by-side panels.. actually being able to arbitrarily split a window horizontally and vertically like Obsidian does
  • More Interface designs to be developed..


  • Check-as-you-type spellcheck for a set of selected languages

Multiple languages, including RTL languages

  • Support for multiple languanges, including multiple languages in the same document.

Keyboard friendly navigation

  • All commands and UI interactions, including navigation, should be possible via the keyboard and a list of keyboard shortcuts