The notes section of this site is a Digital Garden created with the docs layout of the Hugo Bootstrap Theme . The docs layout has a so called “catalog” sidebar to the left whose contents are automatically generated from a given hierarchy of files and folders.

  • Create a folder content/notes​ in the existing site’s folder

  • Create content/notes/​ with content

    3    type: docs
    5    main:
    6        title: Notes
    7        weight: '45'
    8title: Notes
  • Now, the files and folders present in content/notes​ will appear in the left catalog sidebar hierarchy.

  • To get a ‘Recent Posts’ sidebar widget in the digital garden, add {{ partial "sidebar/recent-posts" . }}​ to layouts/partials/hooks/docs/sidebar-end.html

  • This is sufficient to create a digital garden if you intend to write your notes as files within the content/notes​ hierarchy, in ways that are already compatible with or recognizable by Hugo.

    • But in case you create your notes using some other software program, it would be necessary to export those notes into a hierarchy of plain markdown files that are understandable by Hugo.
    • ~~I use Dendron ~~​ ~~ for taking notes. The tools and process for exporting notes from a Dendron "vault" are described in ~~​Export Dendron to Hugo
    • ~~I use Obsidian ~~​ ~~ for taking notes. The tools and process for exporting notes from an Obsidian "vault" are described in ~~​Publishing Obsidian vault with Hugo
    • I use SiYuan for taking notes. The tools and process for exporting and publishing notes from SiYuan are described in Publishing SiYuan notes with Hugo
  • Modify list template to remove subsections and child page summaries from being displayed

    • Copy theme files to site root

      1cp themes/hugo-theme-bootstrap/layouts/partials/docs/list.html layouts/partials/docs/
    • Edit layouts/partials/docs/list.html​ to contain

       1<div class="container">
       2    {{- if not .IsHome -}}
       3        {{- partial "breadcrumb" . -}}
       4        {{- with .Content -}}
       5        <article class="row card post component">
       6        <div class="card-body pb-0">
       7            {{ . }}
       8        </div>
       9        </article>
      10        {{- end -}}
      11    {{- end -}}
      12    </div>
  • Remove Next/Prev nav footers from notes by

    • cp themes/hugo-theme-bootstrap/layouts/partials/docs/post.html layouts/partials/docs/

    • Remove from layouts/partials/docs/post.html

      1<div class="card-footer">
      2    {{- partial "post/nav" . -}}