Installing Pandoc

Download latest pandoc deb from pandoc releases and install it.


1# note that download size is hundreds of MB
2sudo apt install texlive-xetex
3sudo apt install librsvg2-bin
4sudo apt install texlive-science

Using Pandoc to convert Markdown to PDF

 1pandoc  \
 2--pdf-engine=xelatex \
 3--toc \
 4-V colorlinks=true \
 5-V toccolor=blue \
 6-V geometry:a4paper \
 7-V geometry:margin=2cm \
 8-V mainfont="Source Serif 4" \
 9-V monofont="Source Sans 3" \
10-V fontsize=11pt \
11-o cv_md.pdf


  • Use \newpage and \pagebreak to insert pagebreaks. \newpage ends the current page whereas \pagebreak is a suggestion.
  • For links
1-V colorlinks=true \
2-V linkcolor=blue \
3-V urlcolor=red \
4-V toccolor=gray