• Create configs

    1rm config.toml
    2mkdir config
    3cp -va themes/hugo-theme-bootstrap/exampleSite/config/* config/
    4cd config/_default/
  • Remove author.toml which causes the author sidebar widget to disappear (I don’t want it)

    • rm author.toml
  • Remove menu.toml which causes the main top menu and footer menus to disappear (I don’t want them)

    • rm menu.toml
  • Edit config.toml

    • Mostly obvious changes
    • Of note: uncommented disableLanguages and added "hi" to the list. See point below on editing languages.toml
    • Changed copyright to "Copyright © 2010-{year} Sagar Behere"
    • Set defaultContentLanguageInSubdir = false
  • Edit languages.toml and add the following after [en] and before [fr]

    2    languageName = "Hindi"
    3    weight = 2
    4    [hi.params]
    5        dateFormat = "2006-09-29"
    6        description = "A Hindi language description"
    7        keywords = "Hugo, Bootstrap"
    • Adjust weights of other languages (weight += 1)
  • Edit params.toml

    • A whole bunch of configuration. See params.toml (TODO Add link) in the github repo of this site
    • The setting mainSections = is important. The default is ["posts", "docs"] which I have changed to ["posts"] only. The way I understand it, if the Type of a post is not specified, but the Recent Posts sidebar widget will be present, then the widget contents will be of the type in mainSections.
  • In config.toml ensure that the following exists

2  writeStats = true