Sagar Behere

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Autonomous unmanned rotor craft: A flight management system for unmanned quad-rotor and tandem rotor helicopters in the weight category of 250kg and below.


The year indicates when the project was completed.

2016: Thesis: Reference Architectures for Highly Automated Driving. PhD thesis, successfully defended on January 22, 2016
2015: Automotive+Robotics: RCV-2.0. A new version of the KTH RCV, designed for fully autonomous driving.
2014: Automotive+Robotics: KTH RCV
2012: Autonomous driving: CoAct
2011: Autonomous driving: Scoop
2009: Robot platform: for EU FP7 project CogX
2008: Cognitive robotics: EU FP6 project CoSy
2004: Automotive: ECU diagnostic tool
2002: Thesis: SCARA robot arm