I have gradually come to the realization that one of the most valuable qualities in a person is ‘easy’-ness.

I refer to ‘easy’ as the quality of being easy to be with. Easy is low maintenance. Easy is a low energy, undemanding state. You are easy when people feel absolutely comfortable around you, knowing that you are not judging them and they don’t have to jump through hoops to gain your acceptance. Easy is when you take people and things as they are. Easy is when you don’t need attention. Easy is when you don’t insist on the world catering to your idiosyncrasies. Easy is when you don’t fret over having things exactly as you want. Easy is when you are okay with whatever happens. Easy is when you have no expectations of others. Easy is when you are not annoying.. or a pain in the ass. Easy is happy-go-lucky.. generally, very happy!

Don’t get me wrong. Easy does NOT mean lack of opinions, or concern for right and wrong. Being easy doesn’t imply not standing up for what you believe in or being causal when it is time to impose your views. Easy isn’t about being a spineless walkover. Easy is about NOT being demanding about things that don’t matter..and a rather large subset of things around us don’t matter. Not really. Not enough to be anally retentive about it.

Go ahead, give easy a try. You might be surprised at how popular you become.