I am just returning home from a concert by my favouritest female singer, Sissel Kyrkjebø . Am completely, hopelessly starstruck.

The first Sissel song I heard was her singing Pie Jesu . It was at Martin’s place and I remember reeling in awe and we both agreed that if ever an angel could sing, it would be like Sissel. After that, I looped her on Spotify for several weeks and when the chance came to hear her live in concert at Stockholm, Martin and I couldn’t resist.

What I believed would be a fairly ordinary evening turned out to be anything but. Over the course of the evening, I blinked away tears more than once, turned out my pockets and pooled the money I found together with Martin, to rake up enough cash to buy a CD, then stood in line for the autograph and photograph. I felt like a little schoolgirl, and enjoyed it immensely.

As I type, the autographed CD is in front of me. “To Martin and Sagar, fra Sissel” it reads.

We walked back from the concert into the chilly environs of Djurgården, little stars in our eyes, and the night suddenly felt warmer.

I must have touched the CD in my jacket pocket a hundred times on the way back, to make sure it was still there.

Den Första Sommaren is just one gem from her latest album, “… til deg…”