• The CV page at https://sagar.se/pages/cv/ is generated by sources in the Hugo site’s content/pages/cv/index.md. Edit this file to update the CV.

  • When the CV is updated, also need to regenerate the PDF version (available at: https://sagar.se/pages/cv/cv_md.pdf )

    • Make the same edits to the .md file at sync-enc/CV/cv.md
    • Generate the .PDF version with pandoc (See: computers.setup.installing-pandoc ) as
       1pandoc cv.md  \
       2--pdf-engine=xelatex \
       3--toc \
       4-V colorlinks=true \
       5-V toccolor=blue \
       6-V geometry:a4paper \
       7-V geometry:margin=2cm \
       8-V mainfont="Source Serif 4" \
       9-V monofont="Source Sans 3" \
      10-V fontsize=11pt \
      11-o cv_md.pdf
    • cp cv_md.pdf /path/to/hugo/site/content/pages/cv/cv_md.pdf