To setup Dendron as a webapp

See: computers.setup.dendron-code-server

To setup Dendron with existing notes on a new computer

1mkdir dendron-notes
2cd dendron-notes
3git clone ./notes

Now the notes and assets/ are in the notes/ folder. Then

  • Install VSCode and the Dendron extension.
  • Install the extension that Dendron recommends (when you click on the ‘Get Started’ button in Dendron)
  • Ctrl+Shift+P and Dendron: Initialize Workspace
  • Initialize a code workspace and select the dendron-notes folder
  • This will create dendron.code-workspace and dendron.yml files in the dendron-notes folder and all of the notes and assets will be in the notes/ folder
  • VSCode will also automatically be able to fetch/pull to the right git repo
    • But make sure the computer has set up SSH Keys and the public key is in GitHub


Given a set of notes

The match text (reference)\.(.*) will match all notes under the reference. hierarchy. Notice the parentheses in the regular expression. These are capture groups. The first and second capture group (reference) and (.*) will later be accessible in the Replace text prompt as $1 and $2 respectively. See here for more about the regexes.

So, to remove the reference. in the hierarchy naming, you can give the above regex in the match text. Then, in the replace text just state $2. Verify the result in the preview and proceed.