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Sagar Behere - CV

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Ten years of experience with design, development, and integration of safety critical embedded systems.

Selected Projects

With KTH, Sweden

Developed an upgraded version of the KTH Research Concept Vehicle (RCV-2.0) to be used as the basis for a completely autonomous vehicle. Technology licensed to a private company.
Developed Electrical/Electronic (E/E) system architecture for the KTH Research Concept Vehicle (RCV). The RCV platform is the basis for significant research at KTH and a number of its variants are commissioned by field-leading private companies in Sweden, Europe, and USA
Lead architect and developer of a partially autonomous driving system for a commercial truck. System demonstrated at the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge, the Netherlands, 2011 and CoAct 2012 Driving demonstration, Sweden 2012.
Developed a generalized Motion Planning and Control system for robot manipulators moving in the presence of obstacles. Demonstrated on 3 different robot platforms.
Designed a mobile robotics platform with vision, manipulation and computation capabilities for EU FP7 cognitive robotics project CogX. Platform in use at 6 partner universities.
Integration engineer for EU FP6 cognitive robotics project CoSy. Assignment involved integrating research output from all project partners into the robotics platform.

With Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd., India (M&M is one of India’s largest automobile companies)

Developed a Common Rail Diesel Engine for a commercial Sports Utility Vehicle, with vehicle integration and emissions engineering to meet Euro IV emission norms. Vehicle was launched in many countries in Europe, Africa, the Americas, Australia and India.
Developed a highly fault tolerant system to program in-vehicle ECUs at vehicle assembly line. System was used for several years at manufacturing plant during daily vehicle production.
Developed a hand-held, computer based diagnostic tool to read and resolve faults in vehicle ECUs. Tool was deployed to workshops and service centers across India.

Education and skills

  • PhD in Machine Design. KTH, Sweden 2016
  • Licentiate in Machine Design. KTH, Sweden 2013
  • Master in Systems, Control and Robotics. KTH, Sweden 2010
  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering. University of Pune, India 2003
  • C/C++, Linux, RTOSes, Matlab/Simulink, a variety of microcontroller platforms, scientific computing tools and scripting languages
  • Basic Java, Scala, Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, AngularJS, Bootstrap3
  • General open source software and computer geek.
  • Excellent technical writing and language skills. Fluent in English, Marathi and Hindi. Basic knowledge of Swedish, German, French and Italian.
  • Excellent ability to self-teach and work without formal supervision.


  • Invited expert and speaker at industrial conferences and educational courses in Europe and USA. See Invited talks
  • Represented Sweden in the area of autonomous systems, as part of a Swedish government+industry+academia delegation to explore cooperation with counterparts in Brazil, Nov. 2014, São Paulo
  • M&M Product Innovation Award for best business driven product innovation in 2004-2005
  • M&M Process Innovation Award for best business driven process innovation in 2005-2006
  • M&M Outstanding Job Achievement Award for work on an electric hybrid vehicle displayed at the 8th Auto Expo in New Delhi in 2006
  • Best Outgoing Student Award during final year of graduate studies
  • Member of Mensa, Sweden


  • MF2044 Embedded Systems for Mechatronics, II (Spring 2012, 2013, 2014)
  • MF2058 Mechatronics, Advanced Course (2013, 2014)
  • MF2063 Embedded Systems Design Project (Autumn 2012)
  • MF2042 Embedded Systems for Mechatronics, I (Autumn 2011)


  • Adam Lundström (MSc. ongoing) "Finding strategies for running Ada code in real-time on a Linux-based single board computer platform"
  • Stefanos Kokogias (MSc. 2015) "Design and implementation of a fault tolerant controller on a prototype vehicle, using an active steering approach"
  • Karin Fåhraeus (MSc. 2015) "Enhancement of the development process with software in the loop simulations, An embedded control case study"
  • Jonathan Holmström (MSc.2015) "Lane keeping assistance using low-cost satellite aided positioning technology in modern highway navigation"
  • Ioannis Tzioumakas (MSc. 2015) "Centralized environment database for vehicles"
  • Daniel Eriksson and John-Eric Ericsson (MSc. 2014) "Indoor positioning and localization system with sensor fusion"
  • Johan Schagerström (MSc. 2014) "Cow behavior monitoring with motion sensor"
  • Johanna Simonsson and Kim Öberg (MSc. 2014) "Power consumption and optimization of an irrigation network"
  • Daniel Lind, (MSc. 2014) "Performance evaluation of HTTP servers in embedded systems"
  • Emelie Brus, (MSc. ongoing) "Controlling Wifi components from a web interface"
  • Gustav Karlsson and Magnus Dormvik (MSc. 2011) "Construction of generic test environment for embedded systems"

Invited talks


See Publications.