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Using the linphone app on android with localphone

Linphone is a free (as in speech, GPLv2), open source Voice over IP (VoIP) software for Linux, Windows, MacOSX as well as Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It is a secure, encrypted, standards compliant alternative to proprietary alternatives like Skype. To use Linphone, you need a VoIP account. There are many VoIP account providers out there (just search with Google). One of the providers is Localphone. Localphone offers a broad variety of VoIP related services at very reasonable prices. This post explains how to use Linphone app on Android together with your Linphone account.

I assume that you have installed the Linphone android app and have a Localphone account. Keep your localphone SIP ID and SIP Password handy. You can get this by clicking on the "Internet Phone" option from the dashboard, when you log in to your account on Note that your SIP ID and SIP Password are NOT the same as your login username and password.

Okay, let's begin. Start by clicking on Settings->Account Setup Assistant. The new account setup screen will popup.

Click on 'I already have a SIP account'

On the next screen, enter your SIP id, password and, as shown below

Hit 'Apply'. Now, you need to change a few Network settings. Go to Settings->Network and make sure that

  1. 'Enable ICE' is checked
  2. Use random ports is NOT checked
  3. SIP port to use is set to 5060
  4. Transport is set to UDP

That should be all. In case you still cannot get a connection, try going to Settings->[your-sip-id] and set the 'Proxy' field to ''