Sagar Behere

I doubt, therefore I might be


One foot leaves the ground
then the other. For a split
second, I'm flying!

What's past is prologue

Whereof what's past is prologue; what to come,
In yours and my discharge.

(What's already happened merely sets the scene for the really important stuff,
which is the stuff our greatness will be made on.)

-Shakespeare, The Tempest Act 2, scene 1, 245-254

Flower bowl

Let us arrange
these lovely flowers in the bowl
since there's no rice

First morning of autumn

The first morning of autumn:
the mirror I investigate
reflects my father's face
-Shiki Masaoka (loose translation by Michael R. Burch)


Silence. A strangled
telephone has forgotten
that it should ring
-Michael R. Collings


I glance up
the clouds have changed
while I read of love
and inconsistent moods

Call to arms

One call invites
One hundred comrades;
One smile beckons
Ten thousand admirers.
- Zen Poem by Dogen

New clothing

In my new clothing
I feel so different, I must
look like someone else
- Basho