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Boot Linux from USB drive on a Macbook pro

This post shows how to boot recent Ubunt based Linux distributions from a USB drive, when using an early-2010 Macbook pro 5,5.

Booting live Linux images from a USB drive is a fairly straightforward process. However, this process becomes notoriously difficult on Apple Macbook laptops because

  1. Recent Apple computers do not have a BIOS. Rather, they use something known as EFI
  2. Apple's EFI implementation is a bit.. special, shall we say?.. so even though most modern Linux distributions are capable of booting using EFI, they may not boot on Apple computers

Given the two limitations above, it is nevertheless …

Huawei e5776s-32 with Debian Wheezy

I recently got a Huawei E5776s-32 4G router which offers a wireless interface as well as a USB cable to connect it to a PC. While usage via the wireless interface is straightforward, using the device in Linux (Debian Wheezy. Actually Crunchbang 11 Waldorf.) took a little bit of work. This post explains how to use the device via the USB cable.

The default Crunchbang installation comes with kernel 3.2.0 and this kernel seems to be too old to detect the usb networking interface offered by the e5776s-32. I installed kernel 3.13 from the wheezy backports repository …

Using the linphone app on android with localphone

Linphone is a free (as in speech, GPLv2), open source Voice over IP (VoIP) software for Linux, Windows, MacOSX as well as Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It is a secure, encrypted, standards compliant alternative to proprietary alternatives like Skype. To use Linphone, you need a VoIP account. There are many VoIP account providers out there (just search with Google). One of the providers is Localphone. Localphone offers a broad variety of VoIP related services at very reasonable prices. This post explains how to use Linphone app on Android together with your Linphone account.

I assume that you have installed the …

Compiling linphone 3.7.0 on Debian Wheezy

Linphone is a free (as in speech, GPLv2), open source Voice over IP (VoIP) software for Linux, Windows, MacOSX as well as Android, iPhone and Blackberry. It is a secure, encrypted, standards compliant alternative to proprietary alternatives like Skype.

The latest version of Linphone, as of this writing, is 3.7.0. This version is not available in the Debian Wheezy repositories, which have v3.5.2. That version lacks some features of 3.7.0, like integrated text messaging.

This guide explains how to compile linphone version 3.7.0 on Wheezy, with strong encryption support.

Sources: These instructions …

Hibernate with encrypted LVM

The situation: Your Linux installation is on an encrypted LVM, there is no swap partition and you wish to enable hibernation.

The solution:

  • Allocate swap space for storing system state
sudo fallocate -l 8000m /swap   #creates 8000MB swap file
sudo mkswap /swap
sudo swapon /swap

Add the line below to /etc/fstab

/swap   swap    swap    defaults        0       0
  • Set swappiness to 1 (A swappiness setting of zero means that the disk will be avoided unless absolutely necessary (you run out of memory), while a swappiness setting of 100 means that programs will be swapped to disk almost instantly.)
sudo sysctl …

Install SVN 1.7.x on Debian Wheezy

Debian Wheezy comes with SVN version 1.6.17 which is pretty outdated and moreover has problems working with SCM Manager

To install SVN version 1.7.x on Wheezy perform the following steps

wget -q -O - | sudo apt-key add -
sudo echo "deb wheezy svn17" > /etc/apt/sources.list.d/wandisco-subversion.list
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install subversion subversion-tools

Installing xenomai and debian on beaglebone black

UPDATE: There is now a much simpler method to install xenomai+ on the beaglebone. That method is described below, and the older method is retained at the bottom of the post.

---new method---

You basically need two components:

  1. A rootfs, with the distribution of your choice
  2. A xenomai patched kernel+kernel modules

For step 1, simply start with a working, bootable sd card. This could be the angstrom distribution that comes with your beaglebone (or which you can download from the angstrom website.) Alternatively (and for me, preferably) use a debian image from

[ That link …

(Yet another) Guide to cross-compiling the orocos-toolchain

This document describes one method to cross-compile the orocos toolchain. Unlike my previous method, the method described in this document does not make it necessary to cross-compile any of the supporting software libraries needed by orocos, like boost, libxml2 etc.

The method has been tested on hosts running Debian 7.0 (Wheezy), both amd64 and i386. The target computer (armel) is running the same Debian version. It is unlikely that this method will work on other distributions, but feel free to try ;-)

As of now, you cannot cross-compile typelib, corba and mqueue transports of any typekit you make. This is …

Access using GNU/Linux via webdav

Scandinavia's largest technical university, KTH, recently offered its employees access to a Dropbox-like service at However, does not have a sync client for GNU/Linux, which leaves linux users in the lurch.

Even though does not officially support webdav, it is possible to mount your storage via webdav with a little tinkering. Here is a concise guide (below steps partially based on the owncloud webdav guide at

First of all, log in to, go to account settings and create a password for external, non-SSO applications. Then …

Using conky with i3

i3 is a neat, tiling window manager. This post describes how to use conky to output a status line which is displayed in i3bar.

i3bar allows any command that generates a line of text to be used as the status_command. Therefore, we use conky to generate the desired line of text. In order to use conky to generate a line of text for i3bar, the important configuration options are

out_to_x no
own_window no
out_to_console yes
background no

my own conky configuration file is below, which produces an output similar to that produced by i3status, but with some more information. It …